Here are some questions we often receive.

Will we be coming back out this way?

Yes, most of the trails in this region are along valleys and streams. Loop trails are rare unless you are riding for several days.

Can we run?

You can, and we will gladly hold your horse. If the riders have some experience, at times we have a few areas where we can trot some. However, remember you are in the mountains either on an incline or decline. The trail is rock strewn and holes sometimes exist. The goal is a pleasant ride allowing you to view the splendor while astride a horse who wants the best for you.

Will we see wildlife?

Yes, maybe. We do frequently encounter deer, bear, or moose. There are many variables: temperature, number of people on trial prior, migration and just certain days they decide to stay farther back into the woods.

Is this horse any good at other stuff?

Yes, the horses we own have worked in a variety of ways. Some have worked on the ranch pushing cattle, and others have packed game out of the mountains after a hunt. We know each horse’s characteristics– they are part of our family, and their job is to take care of you.

Why is he so hungry?

Well, he is not really. Horses are grazing animals and when they see food and are allowed to eat, they seize the opportunity. It is your part to let him know it is time to work. If you look at them, you will see how healthy they are.


Do we have to ride in a line?

Well not always but for the most part yes. The trails are narrow for the most part and the horses know their job. Some prefer certain places in the lineup, not all like to lead, others do not wish to break away from the herd. Many times, we find clients have a television show perspective of galloping across open range, hair blowing as they laugh. Well falling from a horse hurts and the rocks are very hard. We strive to show our clients a great time but always ride at the pace of the most novice rider in the group.

What if we run into a bear?

Well a bear or moose are possible. We have encountered them many times. Just follow exactly what your guide tells you. You will be alright our lead horses are the first to let us know of any potential hazard. We respond accordingly.

How often must you shoe your horses?

Well about every 6 to 8 weeks. The rocks are very tough on the shoes and they wear out.

Do you have a horse for anybody?

Well yes, probably we joking say if you are an experienced rider we have experienced horses. If you have never ridden, we have horses that have never been ridden. {JOKE} Our only limitations are age or weight related issues.

What about pictures?

Bring you camera or smart phone. We will stop at any time you wish a photo and make sure we help you get pics of your family or group together.

Interested in riding with us or want to learn a little bit more about our rides?