In southeastern Montana lies the Beartooth Mountain Range. Many have described it as the most scenic region in the United States.

Debbie and Steve are a blended family that choose Montana as a new adventure and as a great place to finish rearing their family. Having ridden the Wyoming and Montana region for several weeks exploring many trails, they decided to sell everything and start anew. They purchased a small ranch, loaded up 5 horses, saddles, 3 dogs, 2 cats and set out in 3 trucks and trailers. They resembled the Beverly Hillbillies with equipment and a rocker stacked on a flatbed headed west.

Within a few months of arrival, they were remodeling a house and grounds as they rode every trail the Beartooths had to offer. They assisted local ranchers moving cattle, and one who conducted guest rides on his ranch. Debbie and Steve both came from major cities and previously had high stress jobs and recreational pursuits. Each in the past had horse experience, so when they got together they rode many miles in the Cumberland Plateau region of Tennessee as well as the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Debbie was a marathon and ultra-trail runner. She still does a few runs each year. Steve spent 30 years as a powerlifter and then a strongman competitor, retiring from the sports in 2000 due to injuries (it was rough on the ego, but necessary). He had won many events and championships, but time had taken its course. Together they began Well Approach Fitness and trained clients. The gym expanded several times and trainers were added. It operates today and serves Red Lodge in many capacities. Steve and Debbie train very few clients now but remain active with the gym.

Debbie spent time as a nurse and then pursued a more spiritual path. She studied with two different energy medicine practitioners achieving certification. Today she is also a “Touched By A Horse” certified therapy practitioner. Steve has studied the path of his ancestors and is a student of Native American Spirituality. Together they have participated in Crow Sundance Ceremony. Their love and compassion of nature is boundless.

Steve Mikels

Guide / Outfitter



Years ago, they bought an outfitting business that enabled them to obtain an Outfitters/ Guide permit for the Custer National Forest/Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness. That was and is Dream Dance Outfitters LLC. We have been in business for several years now and serviced clients from all over the globe. Steve learned saddle making and repair to better assist Debbie with the outfitting. When not busy with clients they ride, and seek out new trail paths. Over the years, due to their reputation of service and safety they have become riding service providers to other privately owned ranches. For over eight years Dream Dance Outfitters has been a service provider for Operation Second Chance. Second Chance brings 3 combat wounded veterans and spouses twice each summer to Red Lodge for a weeks’ vacation all expenses paid. Each week begins with a horseback ride. We have serviced those who have amputations, severe wound trauma as well as brain injury. The day ends with a ranch style cookout prepared by friends of the community.

 In summation, Debbie and Steve started a life together then decided to turn the page and write a new life’s story.  They have raised their family, lost some dogs and horses along the years. But, together they have created two successful businesses that serve a purpose. Working hand in hand as a team, having a strong love of nature and all living things they laugh, play and enjoy helping others in a variety of ways. Their office when not in the gym lies among the trails of the mountains, the warmth of the herd, the quiet of the pasture and the wagging of a dog’s tail. Tools of the trade are what fits in a saddle bag or strapped to your belt. Pleasure is found in a pair of good fitting jeans, comfy boots and a clean shirt. Couple that with a worn saddle and a trustworthy horse one can ease into a relaxed persona for hours. Then end the day with a drink of choice along with a good meal and nice company makes for attitude adjustment graduate level.

They enjoy their clients, many become friends and repeat business over the years. Sharing stories while on a rest stop or sampling Debbie’s brownies makes for an unforgettable experience. Thanks for your interest.

Debbie Mikels

Guide / Outfitter

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